#1165 (reworked) Homo Agonistes

Thalo blue glaze to bring that almost-crimson red-violet, to purple–and give the figure dimension with it’s yellow compliment.
This should be much larger: maybe, 72×36.. . but where would I put them, when I make more than 100 new pieces a year? I feel defeated, even when I’m ok with a piece.
See comparison with last version HERE:

22×26. Oil over acrylic on canvas

Abstract Abstract Acrylic Painting Abstract oil painting Abstract painting abstract watercolor Acrylic Ink activism Anarchists Ari Figue's Cat Art Art & Capitalism Art Criticism Assemblages capitalism Cityscape series Collage colonialism Criticism drawing dreams ink Journaling Literature Metalpoint Mixed Medea mixed media Occupy Philly Oil on canvas Oil painting Pavement Series Pen & ink Pen & Ink & watercolor Philosophy Photographs Poetry Police State Political Politics religion revolution Rhizomatics (Cells Words Maps) Urban Street Sketching watercolor watercolor & ink Willard Art

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