Forget corporate cooperative Trade Unions!

Re, recent Supremes decision.
We maybe need to think of different ways of configuring unions. The ruling was pretty specific in addressing existing trade union laws. But the existing legal protections also constrict how and what unions can be. We got these laws with bloody wars–and the definitions of what those laws protected, and what unions were, with them.
This is a new era… time to forget the laws and unions as we’ve let them be defined, and begin the fight all over, for a new and way more inclusive kind of union. Trade unions are archaic. There no reason to mourn their demise. We can do better!

If We Even Survive…

The infrastructure for armed resistance nowhere exists–nor the population to support a sustained guerrilla resistance, like the IRA. It won’t happen without some great human tsunami unaccountable by any ledger of prediction, rising up, shutting down all commerce, in every quarter, making impossible any media generated makeover of normality… short of that, or until it comes… we are in for a long, multi-generational–like N.K. Jemison’s “Seasons”–when our worst sleeping nightmares will be a relief from the horrors of waking reality.
I am so sorry for the children recently born to this horror.