Capitalism, Schizophrenia, and Paranoia

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Paul_SchreberResponding to a post I wrote on Lacan’s discourse of the capitalist a couple years ago, Robert asks:

How would you describe racism according to the discourse of the capitalist (vs. the discourse of the master)?

I’m grateful for Robert’s question and find that it comes at a timely moment, as it just so happens that I’ve been thinking a great deal about the discourse of the capitalist as a result of the seminar I’m currently teaching on Deleuze and Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus and an on again off again I’ve been having with my friend Orpheus.

I don’t yet have a theoretically well defined answer to Robert’s question– and recently I’ve come to discover that my true love is not evaluating things, nor proposing how to solve them, but rather in understanding the why of things and how they function –however, I do have the beginnings of a hypothesis that might…

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2254531_origAt approximately 10:30 EST tonight, the Juno spacecraft will enter the orbit of the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter.  Juno has been traveling there at 60,000mph for 5 years.  When she enters Jupiters orbit she will be moving at a speed of 165,000mph; faster than any device made by humans in history.  To put this into perspective, a bullet speeds through the air at about 1,700mph.  When Juno enters orbit, she’ll encounter more radiation than any technology we’ve ever built.  Background radiation on earth is about .39RAD.  In orbit around Jupiter it is about 20,000,000RAD.  You can listen to a hint of this hellish nimbus here.

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