#1165 (reworked) Homo Agonistes

Thalo blue glaze to bring that almost-crimson red-violet, to purple–and give the figure dimension with it’s yellow compliment.
This should be much larger: maybe, 72×36.. . but where would I put them, when I make more than 100 new pieces a year? I feel defeated, even when I’m ok with a piece.
See comparison with last version HERE:

22×26. Oil over acrylic on canvas

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Putting class-reductionism under a microscope: Adolph Reed Jr., Jacobin, and the George Floyd protests

#1164 Shroud No. 5, Illuminated from Within.

24×18 Oil over acrylic ground on canvas. Have been playing with this technique, and beginning to get what I wanted. I think this is going to be a series. … of shrouds.  This has since been reworked, as Shroud in a Sea of Blood and Fire — see the post above.

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Burning ambition…

An image that haunts … I see what’s happening., and it near pushes me to want to self-immolate in front of some establishment whatever..
but I know it won’t make any difference. Any more than the monks in Vietnam. Or Norman Morrison..(does anyone remember, Norman Morrison? … . but it still haunts me, as a way out, as pain that may be sufficient to burn away the pain I feel inside me.


Journal: November, 2016. Post election

I finally got a couple hours of sleep.

The rage has dissolved into tears, and the tears into grim resolve. It’s time to wipe the tears, to do what must be done… and then… to laugh, a laughter sadder than tears.

Do I bother to draw water to drink? Do I prepare food to break the fast? This pen, and these brushes? Is there any reason to pick them up, to make marks on this paper?

How many times I’ve wondered–what was it like, in Germany, 1933?

I think about the people who voted for … I will not write that name, or let it pass my lips… the ‘good Germans’

I will not be a ‘Good German.’ I will not be a ‘Good German.’

No more, the prattle of the ‘realists.’ No more talk of following those who ‘get things done.’ There is no longer any reality worth living, but that which we take up and create for ourselves.

Love, Solidarity, Imagination…RESISTANCE!


The Class War is Over…

What I think I’m seeing, is a stage where political power has become uncoupled from the economics that created it, a point where general prosperity, and the wealth it generates, is no longer an incentive for the ruling Class, but just the opposite. Why? –because they think they’ve already won the class war, and with that, would come a decrease in centralized power. A more democratic society. It makes more sense, appears less complicated, to jack up the State machinery of control by force.

Like ok… we can add billions to our wealth, doing nothing to provide for the general welfare–so why bother? We’ve already won the Class War. Now it’s just a matter of stomping out resistance from lower classes.

I think that’s where we are now.