#210 (from 2013, work from the Ox)

#210 from September. 2013. An assemblage from the Ox, a car door panel, with acrylic color–what I call, ReCyclations–recycling trash to art.
Wonder what happened to this one? … check my log. Ah…poet,  Kimberly Ann Southwick bought this! Does she still have it?

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Recyclation, date unknown

Searching through photos on USB and in Picassa looking for date/ number for this. Couldn’t find it. Probably sometime in 2013, so between 81 and 295. So many misses missing: destroyed in moves, trashed, lost.
24 x 26.7cm. Not one the stronger assemblages. Came close to trashing it everytime I moved. But seeing it again, seemed interesting. Insulation or packing material, bottle caps, broken glass, street dirt. House paint, a leaf, ink, watercolor. Another face in the debris and waste of capitalism.
Reciclaytion date and number unknown.JPG

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