10×11 Acrylic colored ink, Pen and Ink

Rest in Power, David Graeber.

Rest in Power, David Graeber.
A dialog.

A: When a good person dies, they move to another plane to further their good among the living.

B: Ah… if only I could still believe in these beautiful dreams…

A: And why can’t you, now?

B: Because there is no “other plane.” There’s only here, and now, in this life.

A: But that’s where the other plane come into existence.

B: What do you mean?

A: A person carries their good with them, in their
actions and love while they are alive–and we look to them to help us believe and trust as they do–that’s what changes.

B: Please explain.

A: When they die–we no longer look outside ourselves to find what made them what they were–but what they were, lives now within all who knew them–and far beyond, in ever growing numbers of those who knew only of their good through others.

A. The other plane, then… 

B. Yes… lies within us. Can you not feel it welling up within, out of the very mourning of their loss?

#1165 (reworked) Homo Agonistes

Thalo blue glaze to bring that almost-crimson red-violet, to purple–and give the figure dimension with it’s yellow compliment.
This should be much larger: maybe, 72×36.. . but where would I put them, when I make more than 100 new pieces a year? I feel defeated, even when I’m ok with a piece.
See comparison with last version HERE:

22×26. Oil over acrylic on canvas

Putting class-reductionism under a microscope: Adolph Reed Jr., Jacobin, and the George Floyd protests