$35! Ready to Hang!

… looking for a forever home!

Maybe treat my watercolors and inks like found kittens–looking to find homes.
How to present them… “This one is fiercely independent, but loves to cuddle.”
This one has no problem getting along with dogs. “
Find what frames I can. Find a work the right size for a one. Mat it, and frame.
If no glass, use polyethylene food wrap to temporarily protect it
and let the new owner take care of the glass–or pay me to do that.
Show photos on my blog and web gallery, links on Twitter and FB.
Promote one piece at a time–for a week, or till someone claims it. Set a low, no profit, anyone can afford it price.
Here’s to start with.
#642 6.5×6.5
Watercolor, ink
Matted, in a 17×17″ frame.
With glass $35.00 + shipping.


... Normal
was always right around the corner
-- a 50's drugstore --
milkshakes for a quarter -- black
coffee in thick white mugs --
white boys in duck tails
pouring Crown Cola 
over black girls in white dresses --
newsreels just couldn't do it justice -- even
colorized years later --
the shock of red  -- how
you never saw their faces
in the same light again -- how
every year the price went up -- how
the trouble was never quite 
good enough
      to stop
the endless rewinds
the multiplication of names
on marble walls