20″x 30″ Watercolor, pen & ink on Fabriano 140lb cold press
After using that awful Canson–this paper works for, not against you…but didn’t adjust to take advantage of it. Next one.
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Free ART!!!

Thing is, I worn out trying to find a way between the totally corrupted, capitalist art “market” gatekeeper gallery to investor shit, and accept that there seem to be ZERO woke artists out there ready to abandon their Lottery Winner fantasies of “success” by selling out, and ready to seriously talk about forming collectives to seize control of our own production– so fuck it.
All my art is FREE.
All of it.
I’ll request a donation–whatever you want to offer to support my work, but free is free.
Come get it.
You like–and really want something I’ve made–it’s yours. Free. A supportive donation–any amount–would be nice. but Free is Free.
View more work at <a>SaatchieArt</a>, and on my web portfolio: <a href=”http://Art-By-WILLARD.com/“>ART BY WILLARD</a> For photos on my blog,
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If you want me to ship you stuff, I don’t have the money for that–so you have to pay shipping costs, and if I mat and frame, for that too. But that’s at cost.  Nothing more.