In two earlier posts, HERE and HERE.

I wrote about my search for a clay coated paper I used some 40 years ago, and have searched for in vein. I realized at some point that this had probably been made for silverpoint. I still couldn’t find that paper, but have become intrigued with the thought of doing silverpoint.

I found a wonderfully informative web page, It seems there is a Japanese made paper, called Karma, but only available through a NYC supplier, and they don’t ship. I’m waiting for a reply to a question I left about using Golden SilverPoint ground (another recent discovery).

Whoops… mildly embarrassing. I diligently scrolled through the FAQ looking for reference to the Golden ground, so I wouldn’t be repeating a question that had already been covered. … then going back to the site, I see this on the Page One:

Golden Artist Colors’ new Silverpoint / Drawing Ground is a recent development and is an excellent acrylic formulation, providing ease of use without the problems associated with other acrylic-based products; I not only highly recommend it but also now supply it, in the Complete Kit and separately.

If you Google, Silverpoint images contemporary artists, this is what you’ll see. Though how Dürer and Du Vinci rate as ‘contemporary,’ I don’t know. But so many rich possibilities. I’m so excited to get started with this… waiting from my silver stylus to show up in my mail box. Read everything I can get hold of while I’m waiting.


One thought on “Silverpoint

  1. No longer any doubt that paper was for metal point. I remembered that I have two silver serving spoons that belonged to my grandmother. Silver, not sterling. They easily leave marks on that paper, from the edge or rubbing with the bottom of the spoon.


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