Clay coated drawing paper

In the 60’s I bought a pad of drawing paper, cream colored, clay coated. I believe it was Morilla Cameo, a paper that was used for silver point. I’ve never found anything before or since as wonderfully responsive to pencil… or to fine ink. You could use pencil as you would use a fine pen nib with ink… with all the shading and modulating power of pencil.

Here are two drawings, the first, from 1969 (crow quill), the second, from 1970 (pencil). I’ve searched in vain trying to find paper like this. If you know where I might find it, please let me know.

Post script: my suspicions were right-that this paper was intended for SilverPoint. Here’s a wonderful site with information on technique, materials and contemporary silverpoint artists.

Pen & ink 1969

pencil clay paper 1970x


2 thoughts on “Clay coated drawing paper

  1. Paper is always a player, innit. With canvas–unless you seek the more heavily textured weave, the more expensive, high quality linens are the most self-effacing. They are made to support the priming and the paint without revealing their character. Mind over material.

    But I am a material grl!

    When I started painting again, I preferred the rough side of Masonite, weathered chipboard or plywood because the texture gave me something to work with from the start– dialog from the first brush stroke. Now, when I use stretched canvas, I begin with an impasto undercoat, applied with palate knife or this cool, hand held, round whisk-broom I found– or some combination of both– to give me what the canvas lacks.


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