32×32″ Acrylic on canvas
There were two figures when I began, heads and torsos, one behind the other facing opposite directions. The canvas was reversed from what you see here, top to bottom bottom to top. When I finished, the figures had vanished, and I decided it worked better when I flipped the canvas. I like the predominately upward sweep. I worked very quickly in 4 stages, spending no more than 10 or 15 minutes at each stage, layering, laying in colors–almost all with palate knife, scraping through flat edge to canvas, then with a nail. I thought there would be one more pass, and took it upstairs to my bedroom to look at it, see it in my dreams. This morning I thought–whatever else this needs, what I feel to be missing, I’ll have to find in the next painting. That’s something I learning in writing poetry.

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