#379 in B&W and color. Finished. For real this time.

I’m posting this in B&W, as well as color, because working with intense color, tonal contrast can be a problem, as hues of equal tone can give an appearance of tonal contrast: warm hues, like yellow, will spring forward while cooler tones will recede–something you can clearly see when you compare these. When I look at the monotone photo, I think that I might like to have made those blues even darker. One can have strong intuitive sense of color expression, but there’s no substitute for knowledge of color theory. This has been a weak point in some of my pieces, so I’m pleased with the how this holds up in monotone–it would make an interesting etching!

66×23″ Acrylic on weathered plywood, with leaves (I think I was channeling my Saturday morning “Trees of Fairmount Park field trip for this). I used strips trimmed from stretched canvases to define the borders.

#379 new sun

#379 BandW


Colour Me Happy – Orange, from debiriley.com

I love her blog. Beautiful art, and always something to learn. She must be an AWESOME teacher. Her students are very lucky.  I linked THIS, because I’m feeling bliss, having spent the whole day painting–finished #379 (photo tomorrow)… even though orange is my ANXIETY COLOR!

I love the story of the origins of Indian Yellow… the sacred urine from the cow, the lush sensual color of the mango–synaesthesia– color you can taste!

I’m convinced that synaesthesia underlies all the arts.. the bed rock. How else is it, that we associate colors with emotions? I don’t.. quite… taste color. Or see sounds. But pretty close. And what would poetry be if not for the power of words to link all our senses?

You ask–what of conceptual poetry?

What of it? I’m no gatekeeper. I don’t make–or believe in rules that say what can or can’t be art, or poetry! But I think conceptual poetry draws on something of the power of fiction/crossed with philosophy: in that it conjures alternate realities… that is… alternate to our received and habitual ways of comprehending the world.

It’s the transgressing of boundaries that all forms of art have in common, sensual, imaginative, cognitive, and in this age of our Empire of Money & Death… Political!

Work in Progress — taking a break.

A break from painting–working on two pieces, 379 and 380. The last of the broken plywood–these are 6 feet high or more. I have to stand on a milk crate to work on the top, even when one is on the floor, and the other, on the lowest rung of my easel.
Being poor is a material factor in choosing my color schemes. When I have paint left on my pallet from one, I use it on the other rather than let it go to waste. I have several pieces like that–as variations on a color scheme.

#379 - 380 WIP 2 pieces

55 Days of Occupy Philly: Days 17, 19, 20


Weather Max and Min temps
10/16 – 66-50
10/17 – 57-45
10/18 – 53-38
10/19 – 55-35
10/20 – 71-47

Day 17
If someone told me there was a full moon tonight I swear I’d start to take the folklore seriously.
…brought a proposal to the facilitation meeting—CoCo seems not to have met. With inexperienced facilitators, he virtually hi-jacked the GA—or tried to. A very frustrating, exhausting evening.

Already convinced, now doubly so, that we have to reconvene the noon GA—and get Tent City involved to bring us together.

Tomorrow morning—write for Tent City… newsletter—appeal to join working groups & help with the GA [which does nothing but generate petitions anymore].

Email concerns to Fac. list.

Day 18
Wrote piece for Camp newsletter.
Day 19
First thing in the morning—begin day with email, gather info—correspondence—one to three hours. Did laundry. Red: Marx. Geo Oppen—wrote a poem. Back at City Hall at 4:00. Take the pulse. Talk. Listen. Gwen of Labor worried about losing Union Support if we oppose the construction. She goes to CoCo & takes the whole hour. No time to pee or get supper. Fac. super-efficient—15 minutes & we’re set for the GA. Time to pee—put no food left. GA went well. Discussed the arrests. Discussed the letter—a damn fine piece of writing & done by a committee—Droopy eyed young man grabs the Mic (the loud speaker Mic) goes on and on –after a woman hi-hacked it before him—when everyone else was doing People’s Mic. gonna propose for discussion—specially when not a big crowd—we turn off the Mic—NO mic, if someone has trouble with the rhythm of the People’s Mic—a facilitator goes out to help. Can’t let lone-rangers commandeer the mic for their personal agenda. Gives one person all the power.

Day 20
Down to my last $3.00—till next week. Another poem. Didn’t get off the computer till noon—not even time for breakfast–& lotta stuff I didn’t have time to read. Need to get up earlier.

Another poem. Came here (City Hall) at 2:30. About 20 after four now—crisp fall day, clear sky. Sitting at the Fac station. Rest for 30 minutes—go to Suburban Station restroom—Coco/Fac/… then GA.

Yes, we have made them…
the glass towers, the stone monuments
to every principle we have ever betrayed
a billion messages rising

what we choose
to ignore
has chosen us

the glass towers, the billions—
how they in turn
have made –
are making


their shadows
growing new powers

the planet turning
on its seasons

reaching hand to outstretched hand
one another from our knees
taking up again the burden 
the terrible lightness of freedom


I will be posting these for each of the 55 days of Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza, from October 6, 2011 to November 30, the night of our eviction.

To view all posts to date, click 55 Days of Occupy Philly.

You tell me, what does it matter?

Time to go into sleep mode. Whadeye do today to justify my existence?

I worked at making art.

I did drawing exercises… anatomy–working on the arm. I finished #178, made progress on another in that sort-of-figure series (like 176, 177)–on the tall pieces of plywood.

I try not to think past doing. Like.. what is going to happen to all these pieces? Where am I going to put them? I played out a fantasy as I walked to the wine store… getting a commercial gallery to give my stuff a show, and they make a bunch of money… and the gallery peeps tell me when i show them new pieces that seem to have no relation to what was selling–that I have to make more like the one’s in the show… it always ends on that kind of note. Different downer, but always, that going that route would be wrong, wrong, wrong. Why I refuse to sell

Fuck Capitalism!

..and not think past but I have this deep down thing about growing in what I’m doing. And I’m encouraged in the sense that, yeah… I am getting better.
But what does better mean? What does it matter? That’s what channels my dreams. If I could only admit that it doesn’t matter–but then… in saying that about my work, am I saying that ART doesn’t matter? So am I an artist? Is the stuff I’m making, ‘art?” If it is–if that’s what I’m doing–how can I say, it doesn’t matter? But then… the stuff I make, piles up, gathers cement dust in the basement. But then… the Universe doesn’t give a shit about us. And soon, the Sun will go Red Giant and consume all the inner planets. All it comes down to in the end.

The Media’s Obsession with Locating Movement “Leaders”


Interesting… a top down view needs access to a “leader,” that is, someone assumed, through organizational position, perceived popular acclamation.. or just magic (appearance in Top media venues), to have access to and therefore, to represent, the amorphous otherwise undifferentiated mass “down there” (I like the sexual play on this–that makes the unknowable Mass ‘feminine’ ) It’s only through the mediation of such a ‘leader’ that Top Down observers can know or understand that mass blob. He (less often, she) becomes the personification of what they are believed to represent… or .. um, “lead.”
Where power enters in–the leader, then, becomes the means of manipulating, using and controlling that mass. No wonder the upper echelons in the Chain of Being become so befuddled by things like Occupy… or the current not quite yet, because still leaderless) intifada–or Black Lives Matter!
In dealing with hierarchal organizations, this would seem to be weak point–a “lack” that can be occupied and developed–an inside-outside position, like a space between the walls, to attack and pervert striated power structures.

55 Days of Occupy Philly: Day 14: growing divisions

I will be posting these for each of the 55 days of Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza, from October 6, 2011 to November 30, the night of our eviction.

To view all posts to date, click 55 Days of Occupy Philly.
Wednesday Day 14
Weather: temp max 66, min. 60.
rain – .93 inches

11:02 Slept late kicking last of cold. Dreams of eviction—Occupation from… where Where Job Chillaway Pottery used to be. ½ hour responding to Occupy email. Shower & breakfast.


Need to check weather. Wrote in time of International meeting on remaining 35 or so fliers to pass out at GA tonight, and tomorrow afternoon.
Can I get in 15 minutes reading time before I go?

I did.
It’s a start


GA in Friend’s Center –rain. (This is the Friend’s Meeting House, but photo looks like it was take at the Dec. 10, Occupy Together Meeting. Very hard to match the photos with particular days or actions–I do it when I can.)

Deputy Mayor Negin [asshole of the first order] dropped by the Media tent & caused a bit of a stir. City not happy that it’s taking so long to set up communications. [this is classic colonizing strategy: it’s what the US did in dealing with First Nation peoples, bribing, cajoling, intimidating, forcing them to create internal judicial and governing structures that resembled the colonizers if they were to deal with them at all, weakening their own traditional structures by setting up competing power centers—the one’s authorized to negotiate with the outside power, and those that more closely followed their traditional roles. (The Nations Within: The Past and Future of American Indian Sovereignty. Vine Deloria Jr & Clifford Lytle, New York, 1984) Later, like following a script, people in Occupy took it on themselves to play the same game, becoming the Occupy Philly that the city wanted them to be, and creating distracting and artificial divisions like those endless debates about applying for permits]

Tomorrow—Occupy International (or Global) first meeting.
Need to address/acknowledge Messaging’s call for a Regional Assembly: concern that while a call for such a meeting is welcome—in absence of any concrete proposals for how this is to be done, by whom, & what it’s to look like—it remains a rhetorical declaration. This committee would like to join with Messaging, Tech and perhaps other WG’s to begin discussing/exploring what actual implications might evolve.

In this light—need someone to begin gathering info on what other Occupations are doing—establish communication (with help of Messaging) with corresponding WG’s.

Translation Team
This could be itself a cross-Occupation effort (Tech help)
Goal: establish regular exchange of bulletins/news—(an inter-Occupation News Service?) Multi-lingual!

Meta-discussions: transition from local consensus to representative assemblies—models for consideration, how this might work.

Set up on-line forums for meta-concerns—that might segue into conferences—emphasis, as local democracy depends for success on ample scope for conversation—open mics etc – before decisions can be made in assemblies,
so larger organs need space to sound out ideas preceding decision making bodies.


55 Days of Occupy Philly: 11 and 12. going global

I will be posting these for each of the 55 days of Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza, from October 6, 2011 to November 30, the night of our eviction.

To view all posts to date, click 55 Days of Occupy Philly.


Day 11 Sick yesterday—much better today. Home early last night—watched GA live-stream. Went for a process meeting today at 4:00. Me & Alex. No one else showed up. Went to CoCo—facilitated, then came home. Watched GA again livestream–& monitored chat on the side—try to counter mis-information. Tomorrow a reading. Hope my voice is back. Expect I’ll be called on for facilitation team at GA.

10/18/11 11:04 AM Day 12
Two days ago felt quite sick. Yesterday (after a bad night—waking every 15-20 minutes to clear my nose), considerable improvement. Today—somewhat congested, but pretty much over it. Voice coming back. Leave in few minutes to confirm Friends Center for our inter-occupy meeting Thurs. at 6:00. Come home. Back for poetry reading/performance at 3:00, probably stay through the GA.

Make Glossary of Occupy Terms?

Proposal at GA: support requested from Occupy DC for a National Assembly [this turned out to be a can of worms… there were two groups claiming to be Occupy DC] –couldn’t respond in discussions cause I was on facilitation team—made announcement after proposal was over. Philly’s cross-Occupy working group taking on these same concerns. DC letter said nothing about how this was to be accomplished. Things moving so fast its hard to keep up. Occupy camps in Taipei, Tokyo, Iceland, Paris…how to build structure with so little time? Neither NY—nor DC should be World centers for this—maybe a rotating central point more consistent with horizontal power structures.

Skeleton team on facilitation. Need to extend education-outreach internally to get more peeps involved. We’re at a transition point—finding who’s in it for the long run. Why aren’t more campers involved in process? Why only Alex and me at Monday’s process meeting? Have to get there for the noon camp-site meet.
A proposal to restore noon GA—but for proposals specific to those living on the site & site conditions… We are all sanitation? No we’re not.

422 tents as of this AM. That’s nearly 1000 living on Dilworth Plaza now.