Work in Progress — taking a break.

A break from painting–working on two pieces, 379 and 380. The last of the broken plywood–these are 6 feet high or more. I have to stand on a milk crate to work on the top, even when one is on the floor, and the other, on the lowest rung of my easel.
Being poor is a material factor in choosing my color schemes. When I have paint left on my pallet from one, I use it on the other rather than let it go to waste. I have several pieces like that–as variations on a color scheme.

#379 - 380 WIP 2 pieces


2 thoughts on “Work in Progress — taking a break.

  1. You should look into buying plastic urine sample containers from a medical supply company. It’s saved me a lot of money because I can make my palette last for weeks on end. Before that, I used to use plastic tupperware containers and mist the top after every use and store. It wasn’t as effective as the cups, but it did still prevent paint waste and increased longevity. You also need a mister for the cups before you seal them up after use. I make sure i do one spray each day or two on the bottom of the lid when I’m not painting or when I finished painting for the day. Oh I also mix in matte medium with the paint.


  2. I use small lidded jars, about the same size, and glass, so easier to wash out and re-use. Cheap at Blick. When there’s not enough on the palate to save–I work what’s left into a waiting piece, old plywood or chipboard, though, not canvas.

    Misting is a good idea! Thanks.


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