We All Go Into the Dark


The photo –because Singapore represents a particularly frightening form of alien dystopia for me.

The Darkness Before the Right

I suggest reading this in conjunction with Deleuze & Guattari: The Eternal Return of Accelerating Capital, posted on Alien Ecologies.

A right-wing politics for the coming century is taking shape. And it’s not slowing down.
by Park MacDougald September 28, 2015

More generally, critics of capitalism have often argued that it is an inhuman system, and that our task is to somehow subject it to our collective political will. If we don’t, it will destroy us all. Land agrees that this is the issue at hand, but sides with capitalism nonetheless. And if “the Cathedral” is the name for attempts to throw the emergency brake on the capitalist machine, Land’s neoreaction is a sort of secular Satanism, effectively suggesting that it would be better to just end it all anyway. Or – perhaps most frightening – that we no longer even have a choice. As the sci-fi author and artist Doug Coupland recently put it in the FT:

The darkest thought of all may be this: no matter how much politics is applied to the internet and its attendant technologies, it may simply be far too late in the game to change the future. The internet is going to do to us whatever it is going to do, and the same end state will be achieved regardless of human will. Gulp.

Read the rest HERE.


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