55 Days of Occupy Philly: Day 2

I will be posting these for each of the 55 days of Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza, from October 6, 2011 to November 30, the night of our eviction.

To view all posts to date, Click: 55 Days of Occupy Philly.

Friday Day 2


5:45 AM To sleep on my mat—quilted blanket—sound of trucks, buses, people talking—grows quieter—slip into dreams with the same images, sounds– in dreams as waking. Aware even in sleep how quiet—how strangely quiet it’s become. See shadow forms of sleepers wrapped in blankets when I open my eyes. Reasonably warm.

Gradual stir, city waking up. Buses queuing up for first run. Street venders bringing in their carts. I’m awake. Sit up. Pull on the heavy sweater I got from Ecuadorian street venders years ago.
Walk the rounds. Shadow tents. Shadow sleepers. Here & there someone up. Conversations. The permit. Do we apply? Do we go without? Told that Nutter came down around 1:00 AM. Talked with people at Safety. Thanks for keeping people safe. Talk with Medical about coming cold. Young woman—food crew—trying to sleep on two chairs—a single blanket. Looks cold. Take one of my blankets & cover her.

Man comes by with two boxes of Dunkin Munchkins. I open them and put them out on the breakfast snack table.
The day begins.






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