Deleuze & Guattari: The Eternal Return of Accelerating Capital

Suggest reading this with Park McDougald’s The Darkness Before the Right

“We’ve been serving as appendages for a machinic civilization for quite some time now, and yet we continue believing that the machines serve us rather than the other way round. In this sense capitalism’s basic principle is machinic: it’s sole purpose is to evolve its own machinic civilization, which includes slowly divesting itself of its organic systems as a part of this ongoing project. We are slowly being excluded from this vast machinic civilization that we once thought served our desires, instead it has its own desires and needs; and, these desires and needs are not human ones, never were. We’ve been giving birth to our own Frankenstein. And as in that parable the prognosis is not good for humanity.”

Break The Code


Capitalist production seeks continually to overcome these immanent barriers, but overcomes them only by means which again place these barriers in its way and on a more formidable scale. The real barrier of capitalist production is capital itself.
……………– Karl Marx, Capital

the civilized capitalist machine

“The only universal history is the history of contingency.”1

In developing their theory and the practice of decoded and deterritorialized flows Deleuze and Guattari will surmise that capitalism in its present form may be the exterior limit of all societies (p. 230). They’ll go on to tell us following Marx that  “capitalism for its part has no exterior limit, but only an interior limit that is capital itself and that it does not encounter, but reproduces by always displacing it” (p. 231). So that this continuous cycle of schiz and flow from break to barrier and return through the movement of displacement “belongs essentially to…

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