Drawing the thread, stitching the world together, a line at a time.


Drawing calms me. It’s very physical; I don’t need the muscular strength of throwing pottery on a wheel (something I did full time for almost 10 years)–but requires every bit the control and coordination. There’s always an element of drawing in my painting–even in the most abstract pieces, and when I get away from that, something is lost in the finished work.
Even the trash assemblages are a form of drawing, not with marks on a flat surface–but in three dimensions, creating lines, geometric or chaotic forms, tonal variations.
My need for this–to return to drawing, day after day without breaks, has progressed–gradually at first, when I returned to making art in July of 2012, to the point now that if I go two or three days without drawing my level of physical anxiety increases and my thoughts spiral toward patterns of depression.
At the end of a day of shopping, cooking, preparing a canvas, taking care of this business or that–I may be exhausted, but I have to take the time–even if only a half an hour sketching figures from an anatomy book.
I didn’t realize until recently–how important this was for my emotional and physical health. It’s that integration of interior and exterior perception… stitching together the fabric of reality.
The metaphor calls to mind, my mother, who was deeply skilled at both drawing–and a seamstress/tailor. I stitch together those ancient bonds, as well, memories and the present. As with poetry. Word by word. Line by line.

One thought on “Drawing the thread, stitching the world together, a line at a time.

  1. I get twitchy and irritable when I haven’t painted (I don’t like to draw). Sometimes, though, if I wait too long, I become weirdly frozen. Like I can’t do anything at all, but I also can’t paint either. My husband finds me sitting or standing places and not moving and not doing anything. Time just slips by and then it’s dark and the day is gone and I don’t even know what I did with it. It’s easy to withdraw and then be trapped there.


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