Ireland’s vote for queer marriage.

Ireland voted for the right for queers to marry. How is that is that victory?”
How is it ever a victory when a few more are let in through another crack in the door to become part of the very opressive system that has kept them out? Never, ever in the history of the world, has an opressive system been changed from within, a system which is self-corrective, that is, will adjust to outside pressure only to the extent needed to preserve it’s essential structure–an autopoietic system.
When will we get it–that it’s not a problem of a system with a few bugs that we can fis–but a massive, self-generating, self-reproducing system that lives off of opprssion and exploitation? We cannot celebrate these insipid liberal-appeasing pseudo-victories–unless we are doing so, because we are happy for the few who benefit (I accept that much), while at the same time, working to resist, to organize, to experiment, to create new forms of relationships to eradicate and replace the whole utterly corrupt, anachronistic zombi capitalist system? Anything short of that, is appeasment to the enemy.


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