What does it matter?


Soon, when the last human has joined the earth, the wind will clatter broken plastic cups across asphalt, into the weeds chocking what had once been a busy street where young trees are reclaiming cities as forests. Of the animals and plants that have survived, none will think the worst of us, none will remember or care. None will blame us for the disaster we brought on ourselves, and on so many others of the living, and once living. None with think us wrong… or right. What will remain, will be neither good nor bad. Our brief span of a million years or so will pass with none to mourn or celebrate our frantic, violent sojourn on this planet.
We are of no importance… except to ourselves. The domesticated animals and plants, the symbiotic, the parasitic, viral and fungal bacterial diseases unique to us, will adapt and change, or vanish with us. It will not matter that we chose to shake our fists at the universe for a few seconds, chose to commit suicide out of stupidity and spite. It really won’t matter. Not at all.
Think about it.