Why I havn’t posted new art for a while..

No country for old men, unless rich and powerful (redundant), surrounded by sycophants and those who care for their every need (mostly redundant). I am neither rich nor powerful. I have wonderful friends, who, like me, are neither rich nor powerful, and in the struggle to survive, have limited time and resources. So, get to a certain age, and one is mostly left to hang (more gallows humor).

I should tell a story of how I came to be here. I lived on a 3rd floor flat with two men, one who ate Mom’s Meals, the other who thought cooking was putting bacon on a tray in the oven, thawing froozen food, or pouring jarred sauce over pasta they’d boiled. The second of two got it in mind to clean every surface of every possible utensil used in cooking. Being the one person dependent on doing my own cooking,

I protested — I can’t cook in a kitchen like this, I pleaded! With veins in neck bulging, and face red, he leaned over me (he being, tall, me being, short), and shouted I DON’T CARE!…at least he didn’t rip all his clothes off, like the last inspired move, because I’d come back two days early from visiting my dying uncle, because she wanted to have the house to herself!That is the moment I knew I had to move.

Both times.

I don’t know what the end of the story is… but it’s come scarily close to being the end of me. Anyone want 40 or 50 paintings? … They’re physical objects in the way here….the one thing I thought I was doing that had some value.

Anyone want some free art?

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