Catching up…

Not since 2012 have I made fewer that 8 new pieces in a month… hope this will be coming to to an end.

Siatica sucks.

Like, I shouldn’t complain. It’s only sent me to ER once. Just makes walking… (and sitting)… kinda unpleasant .

Yeah, I’ve seen Youtubes of 85 year olds who work out 7 hours a day with body builder bodies… but who the fuck want’s to work out 7 hours a day! Jebus Fuck a Duck dudes! Get a LIFE!

For 79… I remind myself every day, how lucky I am, to be in the condition I am (never forgetting that I can lose all that in a minute)… but for now…

I can walk 10 miles in a day–even with the sciatica (though I’d rather catch a bus). I cook my own meals–no Moms Meals delivery pre-Nursing home fare– I can remember where I put my fucking keys hours or days after –IF I WAS AWARE of what I was doing at the time and not fumbling with packages and trying to get in the fucking door!

I can code switch from Sam Johnson Formal English, to Standard (the dialect of Power), to much preferred mixed demotic … and mostly know which is most appropriate, though I care fucking less…. since my mother is long gone and can’t hear me.

This is what it means to going on 80 for me.

2 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. Yes….tough at 80 as body does not respond as when we were 18. I am 75 and still strong. I did 52 paintings in 2018 and 20 in 2019 but still going…..though will be less than 20 this year as had to attend to covid19 adjustments in life….cheers with beers…fellow traveller….kahwah/Singapore


  2. I’ve been finishing well over 100 a year–8 to 10 a month… but CV-19 has slowed me down. Only 2 in June, 2 so far in July. I’m a street medic, and have been doing shifts at the medical station at a homeless camp here in Philly–that, and working in oil again, takes much longer than acrylics! Where do you have your work posted?
    One of our medics was born in Singapore– a Pakastani. She’s a nurse practioner, trauma specialist, who’s worked in refugee camps in Greece and Serbia. Making art, and resisting the Fascists!
    You’ve been following my blog a long time — good to hear from you!


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