To somene who tells me I want Trump, when I say I’m not voting for Biden.


I am as horrified at what Trump has done as anyone. I also recognize that it’s more than Trump, more than one person. It’s an entire complex of institutions and ideology, and Trump occupies but one place in that system–Biden and the two parties, other places in the same system. We will never extract ourselves from it–from this web we’re caught in, by changing players on the insiders game board.

What matters most, is how we can change our relationships so they are not formations of the the structures we want to change; what matters, are the actions and organizing that comes out of that.

Voting is at best, placeholding. It may benefit some, but always at the expense of others, and it will not save us from the greatest threat to our existence since we emerged as a species–anthropogenic climate change. No one in the higher echolons of power are up to the task, and almost all are committed to blocking, even our very knowledge of this crisis.

If our only hope lies in leaders at the top saving us, and the electoral system that makes it look like it’s our votes that selected them–if that’s our hope, than there is no hope.

But it isn’t.

There are more and more people creating alternatives, not as abstract ideas, but as actions which give us the power to see beyond capitalism and it’s patriarchal, racist orders.

Maybe all you see is Trump, and the need to be rid of him. But there’s so much more. Please don’t assume that those who have no more trust in Biden’s ability to change our direction than Trump, have thrown up our hands in surrender. We have not.

Many are working tirelessly, and have been for years, to make a better world… and they get righfully pissed at being told they’re only helping Trump by having a larger vision of how we go about getting rid of him… and the whole system that produced him.


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