We are at the Great Uncoupling!


There are no super agents controlling history, neither individual or collective. For periods, it can look otherwise, that things develop pretty much as this or that set of operatives wants, and they — the powerful players– can be lulled to thinking they are in control, and the masses helplessly submit. But it is never so. The most power forces driving the social and economic machines, coupled as they are with biology and climate and all the vastly complicated interlocking workings of material reality, are largely invisible. I think we’re at one of those uncoupling points, when those who have been playing the role of decision makers and technicians of change are unveiled as the clueless fools they have always been.
It’s a time when a child–one of those most profoundly excluded, and left outside the systems of power–has a deeper and more immediate understanding of our crisis than any insider.

This is what I mean when I say — Embrace your Weird! If you are Queer– Embrace your Queer! Don’t think you will be safer assimilating. This is the time for the emergence of all those who have been excluded–as long as they don’t throw their allegiance to side of the oppressors– Embrace what has marked you as expendable, defective, “disabled,”
‘abnormal’ … every NORMAL breath you take, is DEATH!

“And Trust Me said, There’s another way to go,
we’ll go by the river which is frozen under the snow;

my shining, your shining life draws close, draws closer,
God fills us as a woman fills a pitcher.”

We do not know. And what we do not know, will make us free.

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