Voice off, a New Space Flows Out of Me


I’m surrounded by sound. Voices which I sometimes understand, but as alien. I feel myself entering a new kind of Space. Voice Off… it flows out of me.

Nothing is absent here. Nothing lost.

I feel a wish to be outside of them–their world. In going Voice Off, a space flows out of me.

It’s not interior to Hearing Space–but encompasses the whole of it, the whole of which Hearing Space is part… and alien.  Present & alien, as Deaf Space is present & alien to those at home in the Hearing World.

The room I”m in was empty when I came. I’m waiting for the play to begin. As people enter, the room fills, fills with voices that merge into a single buzz and thrum (not unlike my tinnitus) voices that are like an analog of silence, more and more closely resembling Deaf Space…or that aspect of it that presses on the boundaries of the Hearing World.

Awareness of Hearing Space increases with my alienation from it–as something Other … as something no longer mine. I feel increasingly at home here,  here… where I’ve begun to find myself.  Something telling me… that I’m no longer the person who lived in that Other and increasingly alien, Hearing World.

Why then would I want or need hearing aids?  No one is ever what they were. No longer what I was, let me become what I will be.

“The modality of the visible:  at least that if no more, thought through my eyes.”
James Joyce, from Ulysses.

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