10×8″ Watercolor, some pen & ink. Another experiment–feeling my way to making larger watercolors. I stapled 140lb Canson paper to a small stretched canvas, folding edges around the sides. I used a wet wash over most of the paper to see how it would respond. There was a little buckling, enough to be of concern for a larger piece. I will have to fix the paper to the canvas with gel. I’m NOT going to soak and stretch a 60 plus inch piece of watercolor paper. Maybe if I had a large floor space, and a bin, like used to mix cement–pull the paper out and lay it on towels. The Canson paper was too smooth, and too absorbent–got it for pen & ink and more discrete application of watercolor–not broad washes. For the larger work, I’ll get rolls of cold press Fabriano or Arches, rough.
#753.jpg View my web portfolio here ART BY WILLARD
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