Juries, Judges, Trials and Errors

clark_ashton_smith_return_of_the_sorcerers Juries.

Something about juries been on my mind. A connection I can’t quite put my finger on.

The multiple voices that make up our One voice. Judgement. We stand in the dock waiting to be found innocent, or guilty. Waiting to be found out. To find ourselves in the voices we have made from ourselves… the selves we are searching for.

We (these are not the inventions of single minds) pull social and institutional forms out of our bodies, the body of our mind. Feeling in the dark for their form–the resemblance is in-bedded. They look like what we would look like if we could see.

So it’s not just the jury, is it? Kafka again. Echoes of our inner life… lives. Reification, bodied forth in multiplicity.

We were never One.

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