What I hear the Muses tell me…

If you surrender to the machinery of capitalism, if you surrender your art-and making art, to the machinery of commodification, you will become a traitor–to your art, and to yourself.

This is what I hear…

You may deny this, but if you truly don’t know, don’t understand this, in the  core of your being, it can only be because you have already betrayed, not only your art, but your humanity.

But we need money… To have what we need, to live, to make our art. How? How then do we live?


That’s the question you have to ask… but only if you ask it, not state it as a declaration,  an excuse,  a rationalization, as a confession of defeat–if you truly ask, cracks will open in the prison of the matrix, and that will be a beginning.

A beginning. That is the only hope we have. All we can ever do. Begin. And begin again.

2 thoughts on “What I hear the Muses tell me…

  1. Great post. Made me think of this- “…art is something subversive. It’s something that should not be free. Art and liberty, like the fire of Prometheus, are things one must steal, to be used against the established order.”- Pablo Picasso


  2. Yes–a rupture in the established order, a work of art is a tear in the net we cast over the perceived world, while the ‘Art World,’ in the guise of celebrating the rupture, works tirelessly to stitch it back into that order. The Art World uses a capitalist idea of success to train artists to heel, like dogs on tight leash.


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