35.5 x 43cm Pen & ink, watercolor. (black & white W.I.P. below)
All about the tension between almost random lines and splatters, and a kind of geometric containment, with light and color resisting. Anarchy struggling with the State. Can abstraction be allegory?

#658 WIP

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4 thoughts on “#658

  1. these drawings with subtle tones and textures on the perimeters, getting stronger, and stronger still as we journey IN. I find so fascinating. so beautiful.
    the gorgeous White space around is perfect. This, is an art piece that to do it justice….. actually needs that Closer view. Needs us to wander up to it and look in. Well done Jacob!! 🙂


  2. My feeling as I do these — almost a kind of abstract allegory (as I’ve explained in an edited addition to my post). I’m so torn — between despair and anger at what is happening around me, and yet, rather than finding my way to some more clearly messaged response, I move more deeply into pure abstraction. Not something I choose before hand… it’s what happens. It’s what I follow, my visionary muse. To survive this onslaught against all I cherish as human, I need to find a place apart, a suggestion that something might survive– as if it emerges as though already on the other side, already there: post revolution, in the new world we are must create.


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