27.5 x 15 cm. Ink wash, pen & ink, watercolor.

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I feel like I should come up with a name for these. I find a lot in them–and enjoy looking at them. There’s a dynamic tension, things pulling apart, and a lot of detail. Abstract drawing. Decay of the capitalist state? I’m not sure what it is I’m after in making them. Letting accidents guide my my pen.

First They Shot the Anarchists

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Winter: Goby’s Journal


Managed to do food shopping yesterday afternoon. Coughed all the way there and back. Once in the store, warm air, I was fine. Wore me plum out. I started off to an Icarus meeting later… got about a block, turned around and came home.

Looong nap today after sleeping late. If I were one of those 19c English poets, I’d be one of em who spent winters in Italy for my lungs.

Any wonder that Winter appears in my poems as Death? If she sometimes appears as a temptress, it’s only because I do find beauty in winter.

I wish I could find a publisher for Chronic, Chronos, Kairos

January 20, 2011
I smiled when winter came to call…
…thinking she’d spared the worst. Ho HO, he said. Her teeth (where I’d thought, Ice) were coals. Two starving sparrows for his eyes. Dream on! she said, & blew into my mouth & touched
her fingers to my lips, caressed my lungs
& took my breath away and tossed it to the wind!


# 640 Paines Gray with Red

I’ve been thinking about the art I’ve doing. About large pieces and small. The intimate abstractions, water color and ink–like the one at 3rd Street Gallery.
Why would I want to make larger pieces? They are the ones most easily absorbed and used. No mater how wild, how strange. They function as ‘public art,’ even when they’re not. No.
The small pieces–they don’t offer confirmation on that level–confirmation of the Great Social Delusion. They speak to the recesses of mind and heart, the incessant stirrings, the disquieting energy that moves behind the surface.
I started two more tonight. Between coughs, catching my breath. It even felt I could breath a bit easier, having done them. Tomorrow, begin another and finish these. February, day 3.
Go see my piece at 3rd Street tomorrow Let me know what you think

5″ x 4″ Watercolor, ink. One of the pieces I started last night.
No longer available.640-monotone-with-red

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