#647 Coming Undone

21.5 x 13.5 cm. Crow quill pen & ink, watercolor. View at the Plastic Club to Mar 23.
#647 Coming undone.jpg

View portfolio here ART BY WILLARD
For photos on this blog:CLICK HERE, and scroll down.


4 thoughts on “#647 Coming Undone

  1. Thanks, Debi! 🙂 I love the crow quill. The fine point technical drawing pens are easier to use–but they don’t have the life, the dynamic of a pen nib.

    I’m a long time lover of Charles Dana Gibson’s drawing. Penmanship, unsurpassed.


  2. my pleasure! and yes, love Gibson’s works too. Sometimes Jacob…. I horrify my class by having them go outside to collect a ‘stick’ and then, having them draw in ink with it LOL its so fun! 🙂


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