31″ x 24″ Acrylic on Masonite. Not sure I’ve reached the end of this ‘kaleidoscope’ series, or pushing on to a new phase. I started out with some heavy, black bars, horizontals and verticals and connecting beams; the idea was to devise a scaffold, like beams of a building with the walls torn down–but again, like related paintings, giving the illusion of depth through layering, not geometric perspective.
It didn’t work, or didn’t work the way I’d anticipated. Those bars were too heavy and defied being pushed into the background until they were almost completely covered over. They did work to divide the rectangle and give it some structure, but without nearly as much depth as I would have liked. Some of that was a problem with value; was this light coming through dark, or light over dark? –a struggle that isn’t resolved here. Got more what I wanted in the other pieces (#604, 612, 615).
That I’m not satisfied suggests that there’s more to explore in this mode.

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For photos on this blog:CLICK HERE, and scroll down.

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