Fascism is real. It’s here. Now. RESISTANCE IS EVERYTHING!


Cannot share this too often.

“Dear Liberal Friends, you do not have the tools to fight Trump” … because it’s not

just Trump, it’s Fascism, and it’s world wide.

The particularities of historical circumstances aside, comparisons to Germany in 1932 can not be passed over as exaggerations. With existing technology, surveillance, militarized police, nuclear weapons–with global warming passing the point of no return–the seriousness of our crisis makes the disasters of the mid-2th Century pale in comparison.
If there were such a thing as a World Mind, our Zeitgeist would seem to be full out bent on collective suicide. No wonder, then, that such thoughts enter my own mind from time to time. I have to remind myself that Death needs no assistance from me–it will find and rally its armies on its own. Our resistance is the only vote that matters in this election.

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