When I have nothing else to paint on, I’ll use whatever is at hand: cardboard, old signs. I was looking for pieces to trash (the cardboard isn’t going to hold up anyway and I’m running out of space), and found this, from July, 2013, painted on my return from New Mexico. It’s Acrylic on strips of paper on PVC foam board. Eventually, the paint peels off the PVC, but thought I’d keep this. It seems to have held up, and evokes something of what I got from Rio Grand rift– the desert between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
I wonder if it would have been better to keep making throw-away pieces. One less thing to be anxious about… like, what am I going to do with all the art, particularly the larger surface canvases. They represent significant expense, for whatever their problematic aesthetic value. I would be happier floating down a river, drinking wine and throwing my poems and drawings into the water. It all comes to the same end.
28″ x 40″ Remembering New Mexico


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