One thought on “Systems serve only themselves

  1. I’m not sure I understand what the ‘art system’ is, or rather–where it’s borders are. Art schools: art history (which is mostly, history of Euro/Anglo traditions… with some colonizing of other traditions): museums, the gallery to investor pipeline–commodifying, controlling and assimilated art and artists into a capitalist exchange system.
    Whatever it is, it’s deeply (I would say–fatally…) infected by the last of these–eaten, digested and regurgitated as aesthetic capital.
    As a working artist, I see the system as drawn above, as poisonous as a toxic landfill, Chernoble, Fuckishima… making tumorous monstrosities of artists who are sucked into its maw. Though I believe in the subversive power of art–the art object as resisting total assimilation, and though what is made in the guts of the system might survive the system that owns and controls it, I don’t think that power is sufficient to alter the system from within.
    There has to be a place for artists and art–though it no longer be recognized as ‘art’…so maybe better to say: for people who make stuff in a way that roughly corresponds to what “artists” do, or did, within that system.
    In some sense, it has to be anti-art, simply to assert its freedom. An anti-art system that isn’t defined as merely a negative ‘not-that’ of the Art System. I don’t know where else to begin the uncoupling… like two dogs stuck in rut… than with a divorce from capitalist control, with all the gatekeeping apparatus that includes.
    This business of finding the borders of the system and getting un-fucked… it’s complicated and painful


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