Drawing Found Things

I’ve posted before on how important drawing is for me (HERE, and HERE). It’s an exercise, what a pianist might do when no one is listening. Sometimes I’ll set a drawing aside, as something worth keeping, but mostly, I put the sketch books on a shelf when they’re full, or in a portfolio in a closet. Seldom look at them again.
It’s not about “representation;” they are exercises in seeing: in double vision–seeing what is there, and seeing, and translating that to what I see within. It’s what I see within that matters. I like to draw things with textures: tree bark, rocks, broken pavement. Here is a photo of some things I found on a walk yesterday, and a drawing I made from them. The scanner did a poor job of catching the detail; pencil doesn’t take as well as ink. When I’m working with crow-quill, or a new Sacura .01 ultrafine pen, … I can spend hours at this… like meditation.
Drawing found things
xdrawing of found things

3 thoughts on “Drawing Found Things

  1. One of the things I like about Nikolaides, The Natural Way to Draw–his contour exercises in the beginning… to follow the contour with your eye, as though you were touching it with your finger. The whole body physicality. An artist sees with all the senses. Synesthasia. If the colors are right–you can taste them! If the lines and textures are right, you can hear them vibrating in your ears like music!


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