Knowing the history of art, empowers, and utterly corrupts us

Not that making art matters in this world… but I look at what I’ve done… and wonder: (the voice of my interlocutor/accuser.. the one who knows oh so much about “ART”, and how it’s valued… and disvalued) … so where is your signature? I see everything from street trash, to fine pen drawings… how is anyone to recognize you in this? Where you are? What you are doing?”
I got no idea. Is that something I should be thinking about–since I’ve no interest in “branding” my work? Is that a failure?.. that I’m too ADD, jumping from one thing to another?.. .no commitment to discipling myself to a set of recognizable ‘constraints?’
If I could only be, really, truly.. an outsider artist. But I’m not. I mean, I am.. but I’m not. I’ve been corrupted, ineradicable corrupted by my education, my training. Infected with an impossible desire to both be recognized for what I do.. within the tradition.. and for my refusal to enter the branding games of the galleries and gatekeepers of that same, exclusive and excluding tradition.
Neither this nor that. I have no place… in any place that has a name.

One thought on “Knowing the history of art, empowers, and utterly corrupts us

  1. at the end of the day….. we really (me) need to paint for ourselves. if ‘they’ like it, good. if not, oh well. maybe they don’t like chocolate ice cream either!!!! my ears hurt and my heart hurts, from students trying to please parents, friends, spouse, etc. Just my thoughts, Jacob. Debi


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