After Words… #461

This was one of those paintings where each attempt to solve a problem makes it worse. After working at for 5 days, I gave up and covered it with gesso. You can see hints of color showing through from the painting underneath. Dissatisfied with paintings that are stuffed to the edge and into the corners, I took a pallet knife and laid on black paint around all four sides– … then this happened.
#461 After Words
One of those pieces that seem to push me forward. I cut my losses and moved on. I’ve been adding numbers, letters, and sometimes words in my work. I’ve done this at times from the beginning, but it’s been more evident recently. Others don’t seem to take to these, but they matter to me. They draw me on… on what? I don’t know. A canvas, a wall, a scrap of paper… if I should find out, I’m not telling.

… There is no Telling.
32×25″ Acrylic on canvas.


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