The Day After the Day Before

We make such a fuss over a ‘record’ snowfall… when that record amounts to nothing more than an inch here, an inch there… like this had never happened before.
Now the sun is out. The streets are being plowed. We can get back to the horrors of everyday life, where the water we cannot do without is poisoned to save money for the rich, where we blow children to pieces with remote control flying robots in the name of fighting ‘terror,’ where the willfully stupid frantically work to destroy our schools so children growing up will be as stupid as they are and maybe won’t notice what we’ve done to them… but not to worry. Another generation or two–if that, and the other life forms–those that have managed to survive us–will be able to live when the last human has perished… likely at the hand of the next to the last human, who–even as he dies, his heart stopped…squeezes the trigger of his open carry… will, find themselves

… free at last, free at last… with no need to thank us… or the spooks we invented to justify our destruction of all that might have sustained us.

Let us all count our blessings.




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