Cold! We are aliens in this universe.

imagesThe human body adjusts well to heat… if one doesn’t spend much of the day in AC, or going in and out, hot to super cooled. And you can stay out of direct sun, and be where there’s at least minimal air circulation. But the only way to adjust to extreme cold, is with layers of clothes. The cold will kill you. And it doesn’t fuss around about it. Three hours is like, max… and you won’t notice it much beyond the first hour or so. In cold like we have in Philly now–not even that much time (Siberia, Antarctica…hell, Ely, Minnesota!–minutes!) .
Dress warm, peeps.

That’s the real voice of this Universe you think you’re a part of.

It’s saying: die!

Without that thin blanket of air around the planet–we’d have joined up with the Universe long ago.

Look up at the stars. They’re plenty hot. But most of what’s out there is near absolute zero. It’s telling you, you don’t belong. And won’t last long, either, by its reckoning.

Yep. We’re star stuff alright. Wrap that thought around you and walk out naked into this night… and see how long it keeps you warm… or alive



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