Color study: Y O R blue

Working with dominant/subordinate field reversal, where I wanted yellow orange and red for the dominant field, and blue as the accent. An attempt with acrylic was a failure. MUCH easier the other way around, where the warm colors are the accents and blue is the dominant field. I got a nice sheet of Fabriano 140 lb cp yesterday. Cut it up for 5×7 and 8×10 pieces, leaving myself 5 6×3 pieces and a 22″ strip for testing color swatches and combinations.

Here are two… still a difficult combination (though pretty close to what I have in #412) Need to think carefully about the design. And I can’t use red the way I would in acrylic or oil…tends to pink with water color. I could use it dry, almost impasto, in tiny spots, I suppose. Here are two of the 3×6 trials. I’ve posed a problem for myself… think I need to dream on this!

color patch y o r BLUE

5 thoughts on “Color study: Y O R blue

  1. lovely! especially the top image!! 🙂 very clear evident tonal gradations there. excellent vertical lines to balance out the horizontals! Great size formats to allow freedom to play; did you know that you can use the backside of Fab. CP as well??? I do… its 100% cotton so, you bet! 🙂
    when i tape: i use 100% cotton paper, don’t leave it on for weeks, don’t leave it in a window area. I let the paint dry 100%, then slowly peel it off. no probs. student paper will be, a problem! cheers, debi


  2. Thanks! I used your suggestions for paper. No way I can afford Arches blocks, but Blick does have Arches in sheets–so have a good range of choices. I will definitely use the back sides!

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  3. The paper makes all the difference with watercolor. Not like oil or acrylic… the paper is a major player. Next time I want to get paper with more texture. I think I’m falling in love with this!

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