33×41″ (including frame) Acrylic on press board–painted over a flea market reproduction. What I do when I don’t have the $100-150 for 2 or 3 yards of canvas and stretchers–find paintings and reproductions in flea markets or thrift stores to paint over. Anything that the paint will stick to and not peel off. And if wood, and I can glue and nail things on, all the better.

Here, using compliments and split compliments (violet, red-violet and blue-violet)  to intensify the yellow. Color as light and color as pigments play with our perception: compliments in balance are dissonant, giving your eyes no rest–like flashing Xmas lights (red & green); mixed as pigments, they make grays or browns–but they can also bring out maximum intensity, jarring, disturbing when equal surface areas are covered, but with one color dominant, and the addition of split compliments, all the colors leap out as though back lit and glowing. Fun to use crayons to explore these combinations–even if you don’t paint. Try it!



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