Summoning up the Year.

I looked over the art I’ve posted on my blog.  GALLERY HERE.“>

…. and think… not all that bad. Even, ya know… I’m kinda impressed, by the range and variety. And then the anxiety sets in. What have you done today? And what does any of it mean? You make such a passionate fucking BIG DEAL about making this shit… and so what? I mean.. SO WHAT?
Those are my voices.

I talk to them… and they, mostly… talk to me. So I have to say… I think it was not such a bad year… so shut the fuck up, and let me get some sleep!
Fat chance.
They will wake three times before the night is over, and tell me how it’s all for nothing. That I’m deluding myself, for the sake of a few seconds of feeling good about what I’m doing. And they… it… whatever… will be sure to set me right several times before dawn.

But I’ll get up. And go on. Do you have voices like that? Do you have to deal that shit?

One thought on “Summoning up the Year.

  1. moments of self doubt, will without fail come to each of us. I remind myself that the voice I’m hearing… is nothing but the voice of Negativity. And, Logically, even the worst of my images can not Possibly – be as bad as what that Voice is trying to get me to believe!!


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