#401 finished

#401 finished

Here it is. What do you think? Hope I didn’t do too much. 35×22″ Acrylic on canvas


#401 WIP 003

Laying the ground. Critical decisions to make. Leave ‘unfinished’, with minimal reworking, or continue to something closer to my original impulse? I don’t follow through on initial ideas, in painting any more than in my writing. The first brush stroke, the first word, and a dialog begins. I never know where the conversation will lead.

2 thoughts on “#401 finished

  1. this is great Jacob! it looks finished to me…. but, then I’m not the creator of the artwork, its always a good thing to put it up on the wall for a week or two before doing anymore at this point though – I discovered ! your hints of colors give it lift and life 🙂 cheers, Debi


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