What’s the alternative?

Sometimes I play with the idea–and it twists my mind–of being a “success” … in what that comes to in popular notions.

My worst nightmare!

To make stuff to entertain the rich and powerful, and worse–for them to use as investments.

THAT”S what “success” means for an artist.

What’s the alternative? I want people to see my work. I want to be appreciated for what I do. But the only way open to pursue that, is to make money, and of course, to do all the shit you have to do make that happen.. .which ends up… making stuff that entertains the rich and powerful–the ones who are fucking up this world and leading hell bent to species suicide, and worse… making art they can use to make even more money!

Better, give my work away. Or burn it.

Or make work they would love… but would leak poisons to melt their brains.

Oh… that I had that power.


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