55 Days of Occupy Philly, Day 41

I will be posting these for each of the 55 days of Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza, from October 6, 2011 to November 30, the night of our eviction.

To view all posts to date, click:  55 Days of Occupy Philly.

Day 41
Weather 67 – 56


1:35 PM The Occupy press conference responded to the mayor—very strong. How much gets on the news—who knows. This was a skirmish in the battle to control the narrative.

A gorgeous day!

1:46 AM Raiding Zuccotti Park now – on livestream.

Destroyed all personal & community property. Tossed in a dumpster.

3:09 AM … arrests coming soon

23K watching livefeed from all over the world.

Dragging people off one by one… Allegra? How many people are there?
[blank] Allegra? [blank] Allegra….

Monday November 14, 2011
Day 41
We hear them...
     ...the machines

     of power, the Mayors don their armor

     Portland, St. Louis, Oakland, New York… 
     Darth Vaders by the



                              for the 1%

     can't they hear ?
     the hour glass -- the sand
                        the pillars


     to plastic pail drums --

     old Joshua's trumpets

     the living & the dead parade


     a thousand City Halls!

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