55 Days of Occupy Philly: Day 9

I will be posting these for each of the 55 days of Occupy Philly on Dilworth Plaza, from October 6, 2011 to November 30, the night of our eviction.

To view all posts to date, click 55 Days of Occupy Philly.
Day 9 Getting to be work. The celebrity fizz on the stage don’t last long—it’s a job to be done. 5 hours of meetings. Process at 5:00. Facilitation at 6:00. GA at 7:00… over early tonight—9:15. A scary proposal from CoCo—that they should relay proposals submitted by WG’s directly, no longer select which one’s were ready for prime time—all would come to the GA for the GA to vote on which ones should be presented for decision. Generated by criticism of the GA as elitist, lack of transparency. how can you get more transparent—anyone can go, sit in, vote on what the WG’s bring. Deep breath… relief. Proposal rejected. Only a handful were for it. GA’s would have gone on till midnight.
I did stack.
Very tired but less than last night—way less than night before. learning to find my pace.

Almost every day, Direct Action takes the streets.


Hundreds of Occupy movements across Europe. Sooner or later, the big crush will come. Power don’t give up power without a fight. Think they may be counting on winter to thin us out, wear us down. As though we’re gonna all go home & forget about it.


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