Where does it come from?

Using a crow quill (#102 nib)… how I communicate with my mother… who had superb control and draftsmanship with that instrument. Once the pen of choice for comic strip artists. A 0.1 STAEDTLER liner pen makes a line as fine, but without the nib and the dynamic line. Stippling, the micro splatters and splits using the nib make for more interesting shading–have to do that deliberately with the liner pen. When I work that fine–much of the interest is in exploring up-close, so it makes a difference.

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this, much larger scale. (this is a detail from a 23×40 acrylic https://jacobrussellsmagicnames.com/page/3/) …for still larger, and more complex detail, need liquid acrylics and finer linen canvas, gesso sanded smooth, to work with that level of detail.
I took children’s classes at the Chicago Art Institute when I was, like… 6 or 7. Seurat’s Un Dimanche a la Grande Jatte burned a hole in my brain, passing by as I came and went.


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