The end is always a beginning


Working on another painting in my PAVEMENT SERIES.

It’s what I see as I walk. Beneath my feet, the crust of civilization, broken, breaking up–color and life oozing from the cracks. Not so different from my trash assemblages. People seem mostly not to get it… the sidewalk and pavement pieces.

I don’t give a fuck. This is my best work


18×23 Acrylic on canvas.

I got a camera today. From New Zealand. From my favorite niece… I shouldn’t have favorites, but I do.

Passing a Passport I.D. photo place I was thinking… I should get a photo. And a passport. Who knows?

But reality is… I will never get out of the country. Never travel. Though this was a dream of my youth. And while I feel a bit of loss in this, it’s in no way a sense of loss of knowledge, or insight… I believe in Blake’s Minute Particulars. The universe is at your feet… in a grain of sand.
Maybe that’s why I’ve been obsessed with making art from patterns I find in the pavement beneath my feet. Mostly, unless they’re very colorful… people don’t get these pieces.
That’s ok. They’re the best things I’ve done.