18×23 Acrylic on canvas.

I got a camera today. From New Zealand. From my favorite niece… I shouldn’t have favorites, but I do.

Passing a Passport I.D. photo place I was thinking… I should get a photo. And a passport. Who knows?

But reality is… I will never get out of the country. Never travel. Though this was a dream of my youth. And while I feel a bit of loss in this, it’s in no way a sense of loss of knowledge, or insight… I believe in Blake’s Minute Particulars. The universe is at your feet… in a grain of sand.
Maybe that’s why I’ve been obsessed with making art from patterns I find in the pavement beneath my feet. Mostly, unless they’re very colorful… people don’t get these pieces.
That’s ok. They’re the best things I’ve done.



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