Goby’s Journal: 9/28/15 (2)


Using journal entries as poems… or working them over as poems… integrating the quotidian and banal with … with what? With what happens listening to what the words evoke.
Have posted a few recently. Consistent with my moving away in 2010 from individual, stand alone poems, to adding one to another to make a cumulative series. This could become a 4th book. The first three have proved to be a hard sell. Even when sections of them get published… as individual poems. Never give up.

Every day a poem. Forms
on my desk
                  IMPORTANT INFORMATION!
have to renew my "benefits" Money poisons -- the seeds I plant bear
        Paper and paint. Unless -Converted- (is Capitalism a Religion? That I must 
convert to live?)
Fill out the forms!
Here's what I want to write on the back of every piece of art I make 
and refuse to sell:

                In the Parcel -- Be the Merchant
                Of the Heavenly Grace --
                But reduce no Human Spirit -
                To Disgrace of Price --

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