What if we no longer have a democracy–but go on pretending we do?


The Nazis were financially underwritten by German industrialists–with American and British help… with the expectation they would be able to control them. I should say, with help from American and British citizens. We know who they were. Names like: Ford. Bush, the DuPonts. …Rockefellers… the Royal family…
Makes you wonder… if a plain out and out oligarchy wouldn’t be better… than one marginally dependent on the facade of ‘democracy?” Which means… stirring up populist support… (tea party… etc) uncorking the collective irrational unconscious. (Trump gets it… )
That’s not a djinn you want to let out its bottle. So every time you go to the polls, if all you’re doing is reinforcing the illusion that we actually HAVE a democracy, you will strengthen the oligarchs hands… and their need to dip into the dark well of the unconscious… stirring up latent resentiment to come to their aid… but sooner or later, the djinn will prove more powerful than its Aladdin.


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