Message to Bernie Sanders

Bernie, just cause you grew up in near lily white NH… I mean… I read stuff Bernie says, and it’s like he’s talking to a country that has no black people! I open my door, walk to 52nd Street, pass my neighbors and think, what is he saying to them? What does that mean here, in this neighborhood? Not like the economic message isn’t and wouldn’t matter, but why is it so relentlessly directed at WHITE people? Doesn’t he have ANY black advisors on his team? How can he go on and on an on, like the last few years, with all the revelations about cop violence on black lives, on black men (and women) disappeared into the prison new-slave archipelago–like in his speeches this doesn’t exist????
I mean, really… I imagine if I was knocking on doors like I did in ’08, in my own neighborhood… for Bernie… I wouldn’t know what to say! It’d be like, me, white dude, trying “explain” to people who have a keener political sense of reality that any 3 out of any 10,000 white people I’d ever likely encounter! Explaining.. why Bernie mattered! Jaysus fucking crisco.. what’s wrong with this guy?

2 thoughts on “Message to Bernie Sanders

  1. Not too many white people I know that marched for civil rights in Washington D.C.and was arrested at a civil rights demonstration as Bernie was. He has always been a champion for the cause. For 40 years! He still does – Go find them!
    Guess most still don’t know his background and should look it up instead of reading things from people who just ramble away without the facts.


  2. I was marching… and being arrested and teargassed before Bernie was. I respect what he has done in the past. But my past doesn’t buy me any slack for my white privilege, and neither does his. Bernie has been next to silent on issues that matter to black people in this campaign. That’s the reality. He has not spoken to the concerns of the present for black Americans. Those are the facts. Deal with them.


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